Bed Bugs and Dogs: How to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe

Bed bugs are a pesky problem that can affect any household. These tiny insects feed on blood and can quickly infest your home. Unfortunately, bed bugs can also affect your furry friends. Dogs, in particular, are prone to bed bug bites due to their fur and close proximity to your bed. In this article, we’ll explore how bed bugs affect dogs and what you can do to keep your pet safe and healthy.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on human and animal blood. They are typically found in bedding, mattresses, and furniture, and can quickly spread throughout a home. Bed bugs are nocturnal and feed while their host is asleep, leaving behind itchy, red bite marks.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and can survive for long periods of time without feeding. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, it’s important to act fast and contact a pest control professional.

How Do Dogs Get Bed Bugs?

Dogs can easily pick up bed bugs from infested areas. Bed bugs can attach themselves to your dog’s fur and hitch a ride back to your home. Dogs are also more likely to be bitten by bed bugs due to their proximity to your bed and furniture.

Bed bug bites can cause discomfort and itching for your dog. In severe cases, your dog may develop an allergic reaction or even anemia from blood loss. It’s important to monitor your dog for signs of bed bug bites and take action if you suspect an infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Dogs

Bed bugs are small and difficult to spot, especially on your dog’s fur. However, there are some signs that your dog may have been bitten by bed bugs:

  • Itchy, red bites on your dog’s skin
  • Scratching or biting at the affected area
  • Restlessness or discomfort during sleep
  • Small, dark spots on your dog’s bedding or furniture

If you suspect that your dog has been bitten by bed bugs, it’s important to take action to prevent further infestation.

Preventing Bed Bugs in Dogs

The best way to protect your dog from bed bugs is to prevent infestations in your home. Here are some tips to keep your home bed bug-free:

1. Inspect Your Home Regularly

Bed bugs can enter your home through a variety of means, including luggage, clothing, and secondhand furniture. It’s important to inspect your home regularly for signs of bed bugs, especially in areas where your dog spends time.

Look for signs of bed bugs, such as small, dark spots on bedding and furniture, and keep your home clean and clutter-free. Vacuum regularly and wash your dog’s bedding and toys in hot water to kill any bed bugs or eggs.

2. Use Bed Bug Detectors

Bed bug detectors are small, inexpensive devices that can help detect bed bugs early. These detectors use bait to attract bed bugs and can alert you to an infestation before it becomes severe.

Place bed bug detectors near your dog’s bed and in other areas where bed bugs may be present, such as furniture and luggage.

3. Use Bed Bug Repellents

There are a variety of bed bug repellents available that can help keep bed bugs away from your home. These repellents use natural or chemical ingredients to repel bed bugs and can be applied to your dog’s bedding and furniture.

Always follow the instructions on the repellent carefully and avoid using products that may be harmful to your dog.

4. Seek Professional Help

If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, it’s important to seek professional help. A pest control professional can inspect your home and provide treatment options to eliminate bed bugs and prevent further infestation.

Be sure to choose a pest control company that has experience with bed bug infestations and takes steps to protect your pets.


Bed bugs can be a nuisance for any household, but they can be especially harmful to your furry friends. By taking steps to prevent bed bug infestations in your home and monitoring your dog for signs of bites, you can keep your pet healthy and happy.

If you suspect that your dog has been bitten by bed bugs, be sure to take action to prevent further infestation. With the right precautions and treatment, you can keep your home bed bug-free and your dog safe and healthy.

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