Dog Boots Australia Reviews: Protect Your Pup’s Paws with these Top Picks

Dogs are our loyal companions, and we want to keep them safe and comfortable at all times. One of the ways we can do that is by investing in quality dog boots, which can protect their paws from harsh weather conditions and rough terrain. In this article, we’ll review some of the best dog boots available in Australia, and help you choose the right one for your furry friend.

Why Do Dogs Need Boots?

Some dog owners may think that boots are unnecessary or even silly, but they serve several important purposes. First and foremost, dog boots protect their paws from extreme temperatures, such as hot pavements in summer or icy snow in winter. They also provide traction on slippery surfaces, prevent injuries from sharp objects or rough terrain, and can even help dogs with allergies or sensitivities to grass or chemicals. Additionally, boots can be useful for dogs recovering from injuries or surgeries, or those with mobility issues.

What to Look for in Dog Boots

Before we dive into the reviews, let’s discuss some important factors to consider when choosing dog boots. These include:

  • Size and fit: Make sure to measure your dog’s paws accurately and choose boots that fit snugly but comfortably. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s size chart alone, as different breeds and individual dogs may have different paw shapes and sizes.
  • Material: Look for boots made of durable, breathable, and water-resistant materials, such as neoprene, rubber, or nylon. Avoid boots that are too heavy or stiff, as they may restrict your dog’s movement.
  • Design: Consider the type of activities your dog will be doing while wearing the boots, such as hiking, running, or swimming. Choose boots with appropriate soles, closures, and padding for the intended use.
  • Ease of use: Make sure the boots are easy to put on and take off, and that they stay in place during use. Some boots may require additional accessories, such as socks or straps, to ensure a secure fit.
  • Price: While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that quality dog boots can be a worthwhile investment in your dog’s health and happiness. Don’t skimp on safety and comfort.

Top Dog Boots in Australia

1. Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Dog Boots Australia Reviews: Protect Your Pup’s Paws with these Top PicksSource:

The Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots are a popular choice among dog owners and experts alike. These boots feature a Vibram sole that provides excellent traction and durability, as well as a breathable mesh upper and a secure closure system. The boots are available in eight sizes, from XXS to XL, and come in sets of two or four. While they may be on the pricier side, they offer great value for their quality and performance.

2. Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog BootsSource:

The Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots are another top-rated option for active dogs. These boots feature a flexible sole that allows for natural movement, as well as a water-resistant nylon upper and a foam comfort pad. The boots come in six sizes, from XS to XL, and are sold in sets of four. They also have reflective accents for added visibility in low light conditions.

3. Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

Pawz Waterproof Dog BootsSource:

If you’re looking for a more affordable and minimalist option, the Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots may be a good choice. These boots are made of disposable and biodegradable rubber, and come in a pack of 12 boots (three for each paw). While they may not provide as much protection or durability as other boots, they are great for occasional use or for dogs who don’t like wearing heavier boots. They also come in seven sizes, from Tiny to XL, and can be easily slipped on and off.

How to Train Your Dog to Wear Boots

Introducing your dog to boots may take some patience and positive reinforcement, especially if they are not used to wearing anything on their paws. Here are some tips to help your dog get comfortable with boots:

  • Start slowly: Begin by letting your dog sniff and investigate the boots, without forcing them to wear them yet. Reward them with treats and praise for showing interest.
  • Practice indoors: Put the boots on your dog indoors, where they feel safe and comfortable, and let them walk around for short periods of time. Gradually increase the time and distance as they get used to the sensation.
  • Associate boots with positive experiences: Use treats, toys, or playtime as rewards for wearing boots, and avoid negative or stressful situations. Make wearing boots a fun and rewarding experience for your dog.
  • Be patient: Some dogs may take longer to adjust to boots than others, and may need more practice and encouragement. Don’t give up and keep a positive attitude.


Investing in quality dog boots can make a big difference in your dog’s comfort and safety, especially during outdoor activities or extreme weather conditions. By considering factors such as size, material, design, ease of use, and price, you can choose the right boots for your furry friend’s needs. Remember to introduce the boots gradually and positively, and to train your dog to wear them comfortably. With the right boots and training, your dog can enjoy all kinds of adventures without hurting their paws.

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