Dog Crates Saskatoon: The Ultimate Guide for Dog Owners

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As a dog owner, you know that your furry friend needs their own space to relax and feel safe. That’s where dog crates come in. Not only do they provide a secure spot for your pooch, but they also aid in training and help with traveling. If you’re in Saskatoon and looking for the perfect crate for your pup, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about dog crates in Saskatoon.

Why Your Dog Needs a Crate

Some people believe that crating your dog is cruel, but that’s far from the truth. A crate is a natural den-like space where your dog can feel secure and comfortable. It’s also an excellent tool for potty training and preventing destructive behavior. If you’re traveling with your pooch, a crate can make the journey much more comfortable for both of you.

When choosing a crate, make sure it’s the right size for your dog. A crate that’s too small will be uncomfortable, while one that’s too big will defeat the purpose of providing a secure space.

Types of Dog Crates

There are several types of dog crates available in Saskatoon, each with its own pros and cons. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Wire Crates

Wire crates are the most common type of dog crate. They’re made of metal wires and have a removable tray at the bottom for easy cleaning. Wire crates are excellent for ventilation, and some models come with a divider that allows you to adjust the size as your pup grows.

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Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are another popular option. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and provide a secure and cozy space for your pup. Plastic crates are ideal for traveling because they’re easy to transport and can be used on planes.

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Soft-Sided Crates

Soft-sided crates are perfect for small dogs or puppies. They’re lightweight, easy to fold, and can be transported anywhere. However, they’re not as durable as wire or plastic crates, and a determined chewer can easily escape.

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Choosing the Right Crate Size

Choosing the right size crate for your dog is crucial. You want to make sure your pooch has enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, and from the top of their head to the ground. Add a few inches to each measurement to ensure your pup has enough space.

If you’re buying a crate for a puppy, make sure it has a divider panel that can be adjusted as your pup grows. A crate that’s too big can lead to potty accidents and destructive behavior.

Where to Buy Dog Crates in Saskatoon

There are several places in Saskatoon where you can buy dog crates. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Petland is a popular pet store in Saskatoon that sells a wide range of dog crates. They have wire, plastic, and soft-sided crates in different sizes and colors. You can visit their store at 302 Cope Ln, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0G3.

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PetSmart is another well-known pet store in Saskatoon that sells dog crates. They carry wire, plastic, and soft-sided crates in different sizes and colors. You can visit their store at 1820 8 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T6.

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If you prefer to shop online, Amazon has a wide selection of dog crates in different sizes and styles. They offer free and fast shipping to Saskatoon, and you can read customer reviews before making a purchase.


How to Crate Train Your Dog

Crate training is an essential part of owning a dog. It helps with potty training, prevents destructive behavior, and provides a secure space for your pup. Here are some tips for crate training your dog:

Introduce the Crate Slowly

Don’t force your dog into the crate. Instead, introduce it slowly by placing treats or toys inside. Let your dog explore the crate on their own terms.

Make the Crate Comfortable

Add a soft bed or blanket to the crate to make it more comfortable. You can also place a favorite toy or treat inside.

Start with Short Periods

Start by leaving your dog in the crate for short periods, such as 10-15 minutes. Gradually increase the time as your pup gets used to being inside.

Don’t Use the Crate as Punishment

Never use the crate as a form of punishment. Your dog should associate the crate with positive experiences, not negative ones.


Dog crates are essential for any dog owner in Saskatoon. They provide a secure and comfortable space for your pup and aid in training and traveling. When choosing a crate, make sure it’s the right size for your dog and consider the different types available. Introduce the crate slowly and make it a positive experience for your pooch. With the right crate and proper training, your furry friend will have a safe and cozy den to call their own.

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