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Dogs are known for their love of chewing, and this often extends to their toys. However, sometimes dogs can take their love of chewing too far and end up eating their toys. This can be dangerous and even deadly for dogs, so it’s important for pet owners to understand why dogs eat toys and what they can do to prevent it.

Why Do Dogs Eat Toys?

There are several reasons why dogs may eat their toys. One of the most common reasons is boredom. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation, and if they don’t get it, they may turn to chewing on their toys. Another reason is anxiety. Dogs may chew on their toys as a way to relieve stress or anxiety. Additionally, some dogs may have a condition called pica, which causes them to eat non-food items like toys.

The Dangers of Eating Toys

While chewing on toys is generally harmless, eating them can be dangerous. Toys can get stuck in a dog’s digestive tract, causing blockages that can lead to serious health problems. Additionally, some toys may contain toxic materials that can be harmful to dogs if ingested. In extreme cases, eating toys can even be fatal.

How to Prevent Dogs from Eating Toys

Preventing dogs from eating toys is important for their health and safety. Here are some tips for preventing your dog from eating their toys:

1. Choose the Right Toys

Choose toys that are designed for your dog’s size and chewing habits. Avoid toys with small parts that can be easily swallowed, and look for toys made from non-toxic materials.

2. Supervise Playtime

Always supervise your dog when they’re playing with toys. This will allow you to intervene if your dog starts to chew on their toys too aggressively or tries to eat them.

3. Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation

Make sure your dog is getting enough mental and physical stimulation. This can include activities like going for walks, playing fetch, and providing puzzle toys that challenge your dog’s mind.

4. Address Anxiety and Stress

If your dog is chewing on their toys due to anxiety or stress, it’s important to address the root cause of their behavior. This may involve working with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

5. Keep Toys Out of Reach

When you’re not supervising your dog, keep their toys out of reach. This will prevent them from being able to chew on their toys when you’re not around to intervene.


Dogs love to chew on their toys, but sometimes this can turn dangerous if they start to eat them. By understanding why dogs eat toys and how to prevent it, pet owners can keep their dogs safe and healthy. Remember to choose the right toys, supervise playtime, provide mental and physical stimulation, address anxiety and stress, and keep toys out of reach when you’re not supervising your dog.

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