Dog Jump Steps: How to Train Your Dog to Jump over Obstacles


Jumping is a natural instinct for dogs, but it’s important to train them to jump safely and on command. If you want to teach your dog to jump over obstacles, you’ll need to start with the basics. In this article, we’ll cover the steps you need to follow to train your dog to jump, including tips on safety and technique.

Step 1: Start with Basic Training

Before you can teach your dog to jump over obstacles, you’ll need to ensure that they have a good foundation in basic obedience training. This includes commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” These commands will be important for ensuring your dog’s safety as they learn to jump.

Start by practicing these basic commands with your dog, and rewarding them with treats for good behavior. This will help build their confidence and trust in you as their trainer.

Once your dog is comfortable with basic obedience training, you can start introducing them to jumping exercises.

Step 2: Teach Your Dog to Jump on Command

The first step in teaching your dog to jump over obstacles is to teach them to jump on command. Start by placing a low object, such as a broomstick, on the ground in front of your dog.

Encourage your dog to jump over the object by using a command such as “jump” or “over.” When your dog successfully jumps over the object, reward them with a treat and praise.

Repeat this exercise several times, gradually increasing the height of the object. Be sure to take breaks and give your dog plenty of rest in between exercises.

Step 3: Introduce Obstacles

Once your dog is comfortable jumping on command, you can start introducing them to obstacles. Start with low obstacles, such as a small hurdle or a low jump.

Show your dog the obstacle and encourage them to jump over it using the command you’ve been using. Reward your dog with treats and praise when they successfully jump over the obstacle.

Gradually increase the height of the obstacle as your dog becomes more confident and comfortable with jumping.

Step 4: Practice Safety

Jumping can be a high-impact activity, so it’s important to ensure your dog’s safety throughout the training process.

Make sure your dog is in good physical condition and has no underlying health issues that could be aggravated by jumping. Use appropriate equipment, such as a sturdy jump or hurdle, and make sure the area you’re training in is free of hazards.

Always supervise your dog during jumping exercises, and never force them to jump if they’re uncomfortable or unwilling.

Step 5: Incorporate Agility Training

Agility training is a great way to incorporate jumping into your dog’s exercise routine. Agility courses typically include a variety of obstacles, including jumps, tunnels, and weave poles.

Enroll your dog in an agility class or set up your own agility course at home. This will give your dog the opportunity to practice jumping over obstacles in a fun and engaging way.

Step 6: Take It to the Next Level

Once your dog has mastered jumping over basic obstacles, you can start introducing more advanced exercises. This might include jumping over multiple obstacles in a row, or jumping over obstacles at varying heights and angles.

Be creative and keep things interesting for your dog. This will help keep them engaged and motivated throughout the training process.


Training your dog to jump over obstacles takes time and patience, but it’s a great way to provide them with exercise and mental stimulation. Follow these steps, practice safety, and be patient with your dog as they learn. With time and practice, your dog will be jumping over obstacles like a pro!

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