How To Care For Dog While Working Full Time

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Having a furry friend waiting for you at home after a long day at work is one of the best feelings in the world. However, as much as we love our pets, it can be challenging to provide them with the care and attention they need while working full-time. In this article, we will be discussing some tips and tricks to ensure that your dog receives the love and care they deserve, even when you’re not around.

1. Hiring A Dog-Walker

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise and attention while you’re at work is by hiring a dog-walker. A dog-walker can take your pup for a walk, play with them, and even give them a meal if needed. This will not only keep your dog healthy and happy but also prevent them from getting bored and destructive when left alone for long periods.

If you’re new to hiring dog-walkers, do your research to find a reputable and reliable one. You can check online reviews, ask for referrals from other pet owners, and even meet with potential dog-walkers before making a decision. It’s essential to find someone who is experienced, trustworthy, and who your dog feels comfortable with.

2. Creating A Safe Space

When your dog is left alone, they should have a safe and comfortable space to retreat to. This can be a crate, a designated room, or even a cozy bed. Make sure your dog’s space is equipped with toys, water, and any other essentials they may need while you’re away.

You can also leave a piece of clothing or a blanket with your scent on it to provide your dog with comfort and familiarity while you’re gone. This can help reduce anxiety and make your dog feel more secure in their space.

3. Providing Mental Stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. When left alone for long periods, dogs can become bored and destructive, leading to unwanted behaviors such as chewing or digging.

To prevent this, provide your dog with toys that challenge their minds, such as puzzle feeders or interactive toys. You can even hide treats around the house for your dog to find while you’re away. This will keep them occupied and mentally stimulated, reducing the likelihood of destructive behaviors.

4. Hiring A Pet Sitter

If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, consider hiring a pet sitter to stay with your dog. A pet sitter can provide your dog with the care and attention they need, including feeding, exercise, and playtime.

When hiring a pet sitter, make sure you find someone who is experienced, trustworthy, and who your dog feels comfortable with. It’s essential to provide your pet sitter with all the necessary information about your dog, including their feeding schedule, any medications, and any behavioral issues they may have.

5. Using Technology To Stay Connected

With technology today, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with your furry friend while you’re away. There are many apps and devices available that allow you to check in on your dog, speak to them, and even dispense treats remotely.

Using technology can help ease separation anxiety for both you and your dog and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and happy while you’re away.

6. Getting Help From Friends And Family

If you have friends or family members who are also dog lovers, consider enlisting their help to care for your pup while you’re at work. This can include taking your dog for a walk, stopping by to give them a meal or even just spending some quality time with them.

Having a support system can be a great way to ensure that your dog receives the love and attention they need while you’re away. Just make sure that anyone who helps you care for your dog is trustworthy and reliable.

7. Making Time For Quality Time

Even if you work full-time, it’s essential to make time for quality time with your dog. This can include evening walks, weekend adventures, or even just cuddling on the couch.

When you spend quality time with your dog, you strengthen your bond and show them how much you care. This can make a significant difference in your dog’s overall well-being and happiness.


Caring for a dog while working full-time can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By hiring a dog-walker, creating a safe space, providing mental stimulation, hiring a pet sitter, using technology, getting help from friends and family, and making time for quality time, you can ensure that your dog receives the love and attention they need to thrive.

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