Slow Down a Dog Who Eats Too Fast

Do you have a pooch that gobbles up his food at lightning speed? It can be frustrating to watch and worrying for their health. Dogs that eat too fast are at risk of choking, vomiting, and even potentially fatal conditions like bloat. Not to mention, they may not be getting the full benefits of their meals. In this blog post, we’ll explore some ways to slow down a dog who eats too fast.

The Risks of Fast Eating

Before we dive into solutions, let’s talk about why it’s important to address your dog’s fast eating habits. When dogs eat too quickly, they are more prone to:


Dogs who inhale their food can easily choke on large pieces or get food lodged in their airways. This can be a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate veterinary attention.

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Consuming food too quickly can cause a dog to vomit, which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for both the dog and their owner.

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One of the most serious risks of fast eating is bloat, also known as gastric torsion. This is a life-threatening condition where the stomach rotates and fills with gas, cutting off blood flow to vital organs. It requires immediate veterinary attention and can sometimes only be resolved through surgery.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Too Fast?

Now that we understand the risks, let’s explore why dogs eat too fast in the first place. There are several reasons why your pooch may be inhaling his food, including:


If your dog is always hungry, he may eat too quickly to satisfy his appetite.

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In households with multiple dogs, competition for food can lead to fast eating. One dog may feel the need to eat quickly to ensure he gets his fair share before the others.

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Dogs who are bored or anxious may use eating as a form of entertainment or stress relief, causing them to eat too quickly.

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Medical Issues

In some cases, fast eating can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, such as an overactive thyroid or gastrointestinal issues.

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How to Slow Down a Dog Who Eats Too Fast

Now that we know the risks and reasons for fast eating, let’s discuss some solutions. Here are some strategies to slow down a dog who eats too quickly:

Use a Slow-Feed Bowl

One of the most effective ways to slow down a dog’s eating is to use a slow-feed bowl. These bowls have raised ridges or other obstacles that force dogs to eat more slowly and thoughtfully.

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Feed Smaller Meals More Frequently

Instead of feeding one or two large meals per day, try breaking your dog’s food into smaller, more frequent meals. This can help satisfy their hunger and prevent them from feeling the need to eat too quickly.

Hand-Feed Your Dog

If you have the time and patience, try hand-feeding your dog. This will allow you to control the pace of their eating and ensure they take their time.

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Make Mealtime a Game

For dogs who are bored or anxious, try turning mealtime into a game. Hide small amounts of food around the house or use treat-dispensing toys to keep them occupied and engaged.

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Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating

If your dog is still eating too quickly, try using a verbal cue to slow them down. Use a command like “easy” or “slow” when you see them eating too quickly, and reward them with a treat when they slow down.

Consult with Your Vet

If your dog’s fast eating habits persist despite your efforts, it may be time to consult with your veterinarian. They can rule out any underlying medical issues and provide additional guidance on how to slow down your dog’s eating.


Fast eating can be a dangerous and frustrating habit for dogs and their owners. By understanding the risks and reasons for fast eating and implementing some of the strategies outlined in this article, you can help your pooch slow down and enjoy their meals more fully.

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