What Breed Of Dog Was Lassie?

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For many of us, Lassie is the epitome of a loyal and intelligent dog. Throughout the years, we have seen her in movies, TV shows, and books, and she has always been portrayed as a hero. But what kind of dog is Lassie? In this article, we will explore the breed of the famous dog and some interesting facts about her.

The History of Lassie

Did you know that Lassie was originally a character in a short story titled “Lassie Come-Home” written by Eric Knight in 1938? The story was about a rough collie named Lassie who was sold by her family to a wealthy Duke. Lassie, who was deeply attached to her family, refused to accept her new home and embarked on a long journey to return to her original owners.

The story became an instant success, and in 1943, MGM released a movie adaptation of the story, starring a collie named Pal as Lassie. The movie was a hit, and Pal became the first Lassie to play the role in a series of movies and TV shows that lasted for decades.

The Breed of Lassie

The breed of Lassie is a rough collie. The rough collie is a medium-sized dog that originated in Scotland, where it was used as a herding dog. The breed is known for its long, thick coat, which requires regular grooming. Rough collies are also known for their loyalty and intelligence, which made them the perfect choice for the role of Lassie.

It is worth noting that there are two types of collies, the rough collie, and the smooth collie. The smooth collie has a shorter coat and a more streamlined appearance, but both breeds share the same characteristics of loyalty and intelligence.

The Characteristics of Rough Collies

Rough collies are known for their affectionate nature and loyalty to their owners. They are intelligent dogs that are easy to train and excel at obedience competitions. Rough collies are also great with children and make excellent family pets.

The breed is known for its thick coat, which comes in different colors such as sable, white, and tricolor. The coat requires regular brushing and trimming to keep it healthy and free of tangles.

The Legacy of Lassie

Lassie has become a cultural icon and a symbol of loyalty and bravery. The character has inspired several TV shows, movies, and books, and the name “Lassie” has become synonymous with the breed of rough collies.

Additionally, Lassie has been used as a brand name for various products, including cereals, toys, and clothing. The character has also been used in advertising campaigns to promote different causes, such as animal welfare and public safety.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Breed

Choosing the right breed of dog is crucial for a successful and happy relationship between the owner and the pet. It is essential to research the different breeds and their characteristics to find the one that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Rough collies, like Lassie, are great family pets that are loyal, intelligent, and affectionate. However, they require regular grooming and exercise, and they may not be suitable for people with allergies.


Lassie, the famous dog, is a rough collie, a breed that is known for its loyalty and intelligence. The character has become a cultural icon and a symbol of bravery and loyalty. Choosing the right breed of dog is essential for a happy relationship between the owner and the pet, and it is important to research the different breeds and their characteristics before making a decision.

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